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Nature Sketch by the Robert Bateman Foundation

Observe nature in your schoolyard or backyard, make art and have fun!

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Nature Sketch by the Robert Bateman Foundation

Fostering a love of nature, wherever it is found, is a significant goal of WWF-Canada’s Living Planet @ School program. Getting outdoors and making art about nature cultivates a direct way of knowing our ecosystems. Students will learn about wildlife and habitat of local flora and fauna as they observe. These skills lay the foundation for a lifelong engagement with nature as an artist, ecologist, citizen scientist, or outdoor enthusiast.

Through the Nature Sketch program, you can provide your students with a special way of combining environmental awareness with art and developing your students’ powers of observation when noticing nature.

How to Bring Nature Sketch to Life

  • Register and count your class in for learning about nature through art in the next school year
  • Review the Introduction to Nature Sketch resource for simple lesson plans
  • Adapt your lesson to your classroom’s needs with the Reflection Questions & Teacher Tips resource
  • Gather your supplies and your students
  • Take in nature with your students – make your lesson 15 minutes or even the whole day
  • Observe and sketch!
  • Share with WWF: Track your students’ experience with nature through art in your Living Planet @ School dashboard to demonstrate the collective actions of students across Canada. Examples of student sketches are encouraged and can be displayed in our online gallery!
  • Submit your classroom’s success story on Living Planet @ School

Introductory Webinar

  • Learn the importance of noticing nature for students
  • Find out how you can bring Nature Sketch to life for your students
  • Follow along with our artist as she demonstrates an introductory sketching lesson
  • Learn how to share your classroom’s impact on WWF-Canada’s Living Planet @ School website

Click here to watch the webinar


Key Dates
  • September 3, 2019
    Get started and organize your lesson
  • June 26, 2020
    Final date to submit results and success story
  • June 5, 2020
    Final date to request a certificate
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