We had an extremely successful WWF Polar Bear Walk! We are a Forest School located on the shoreline of Lake Huron in the small town of Point Clark.  Our school has 24 students who attend once a week as an alternative to traditional schooling and a way to compliment the education system.  Our students were so excited to help the polar bears and fully immersed themselves in the polar bear lifestyle.  Being pretty tough themselves, we spent the full day outside in the harsh winters we get.  The students had full respect for the polar bears and were happy to help them.  We discussed how easy it is for us to get our food, whereas the polar bears are struggling and we didn’t think that was fair.  Although we didn’t raise a large amount, we felt that this small contribution is in the right direction for the polar bears and we hope we can continue to support the efforts of the WWF!

Thank you for running such an amazing event!

Point Clark Forest School