Our Supporters

Inspiring student action for nature in elementary schools

Brocklehurst-Jourard Fund

Marilyn Jourard taught Kindergarten at Jesse Ketchum School in Toronto for 35 years. Marilyn set up the Brocklehurst-Jourard Fund to perpetuate her two abiding values – the education of young children and the protection of the natural world.

Connecting student action to nature in secondary schools

Symcor is a proud supporter of WWF-Canada (World Wildlife Fund) and is helping bring nature into the classroom.

Championing student action for nature through Living Planet @ Campus

As Canada’s most environmentally responsible IT company we are proud to support the Living Planet @Campus program. This natural extension of the work we have jointly done to develop & grow the Living Planet at Work is an exciting way to unleash the pent up demand from students, staff and faculty for greater action around sustainability on campus, classrooms and beyond.

As we work collaboratively towards a sustainable Canada, higher education will play a pivotal role and this program will assist on the journey.