About Nature Sketch by the Robert Bateman Foundation

The Nature Sketch Program by the Robert Bateman Foundation inspires observation and appreciation of the natural world using a pencil and a sketchbook.

Fostering a love of nature, wherever it is found, is a significant goal of WWF’s Living Planet @ School program. As oceanographer and educator Jacques Cousteau said, “We protect what we love, and we love what we know”. Making art in nature about nature cultivates a simple and direct way of knowing nature – a way that is accessible to all.

Students learn about wildlife and habitat of local flora and fauna through the power of learning to ‘notice nature’. These observational skills lay the foundation for a lifelong engagement with nature as an artist, an ecologist, a citizen scientist, an outdoor enthusiast and more. This school year, we are inviting students to use art as a learning tool to engage and observe the natural world around them!

Through the Nature Sketch program, you can provide your students with a unique way of combining environmental awareness along with art, developing your students power of observation when noticing nature.


  • Register and count your class in for nature through art
  • Review the Introduction to Nature Sketch for simple lesson plans
  • Adapt your lesson to your classroom’s needs with the Reflection Questions & Teacher Tips resource
  • Gather your supplies and your students
  • Take in nature with your students – make your lesson 15 minutes or even the whole day
  • Observe and sketch!
  • Share with WWF: Track your students’ experience with nature through art in your Living Planet @ School dashboard to demonstrate the power of students across Canada. Submit your classroom’s Success Story on Living Planet @ School. Examples of student sketches are encouraged and can be displayed in our upcoming online gallery.


  • Learn the importance of noticing nature for students
  • Find out how you can bring Nature Sketch to life for your students
  • Follow along with our artist as she demonstrates an introductory sketching lesson
  • Learn how to share your classroom’s impact on WWF’s Living Planet @ School
  • Link to our Introductory Webinar here.