How it works

Living Planet @ School and Living Planet @ Campus create a continuous journey for students to connect with actions that help protect nature and the environment throughout their academic path. They focus on the experience of taking action, supporting students with action-oriented toolkits throughout the year and the opportunity to devise their own projects with funding from WWF-Canada. Most importantly, the programs track the impact students have from the school to national level, demonstrating the value student actions have when measured together.

Primary and Secondary School Students

The engagement of students at this level is educator-driven. The educator creates a Living Planet @ School account to:

  • Access the activities and toolkits offered throughout the year
  • Report their students’ results
  • Share their story with other schools
  • Celebrate their students’ success

The results from all participating students across the country will be celebrated. Every student counts!

Living Planet @ Campus: Post-Secondary

In 2017/18, Living Planet @ Campus is a pilot program with universities and colleges based primarily in the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Area of Ontario. The pilot is a collaboration between WWF-Canada, HP Canada and Campus Sustainability Offices. It aims to elevate post-secondary students’ understanding and contribution to the meaning and practice of sustainability and the protection of nature on campus and beyond. The pilot is testing and evaluating strategies that increase and deepen the engagement with sustainability among students and other stakeholders. Our collective findings will inform the design of a national program.

Living Planet @ Campus connects students with hands-on experiences in the practice of sustainability, offers opportunities to build their professional portfolio, and celebrates the positive impact their actions have today for nature. Students are able to lead or join initiatives and submit their great ideas to make sustainability happen on campus.

Activities can be led by:

– Sustainability Office or Sustainability Lead

– Students

– Educators or administrators