Living Planet @ School

The Living Planet @ School program engages students in the practice of sustainability as a lifelong journey. It promotes and celebrates students as the designers and doers of projects that integrate sustainability and action for nature into their learning experience. Living Planet @ School offers a seamless connection for students growing through primary & secondary school into the post-secondary Living Planet @ Campus stream. At every level, students create and connect with initiatives within their school, on campus and in the broader community that help nature thrive. Graduates can stay connected through WWF’s Living Planet @ Work program and continue to foster their commitment to sustainability as they build their professional lives.

The call to action for Living Planet @ School comes from WWF’s Living Planet Report, which shows that at the global level, we now need 1.7 planets to sustain our way of life (or as Canadians, we now need 4.7 planets to sustain our way of life). This rate of resource use is unsustainable and is fueling environmental problems that are now global in scale, such as climate change and biodiversity loss. Youth today risk inheriting a degraded planet.

The challenge to bring human activities into balance with nature is urgent. Adopting practices to ensure that we leave the planet healthier is a lifelong mission. Protecting and restoring nature can be done by all ages. Early adoption by children of this practice means a higher likelihood that they will carry it forward as they grow into adulthood. As youth gain knowledge and learn the skills of engaging in the world, Living Planet @ School values action and measures the impact of hands-on experience that trains students to be proactive and inspirational leaders in protecting and restoring nature.

About Living Planet @ Campus

Canadian campuses have the capacity to lead the transition to a sustainable society. With their research capacity, diversity of disciplines and training programs, and engaged students, faculty and administration, every college and university possesses the tools and resources to contribute solutions to environmental challenges and promote practices that engage the broader community on a sustainable path.

In 2017/18, Living Planet @ Campus is a pilot program with universities and colleges based primarily in the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Area of Ontario. The pilot is a collaboration between WWF-Canada, HP Canada and Campus Sustainability Offices and leads. It aims to elevate post-secondary students’ understanding and contribution to the meaning and practice of sustainability and the protection of nature on campus and beyond. The pilot is testing and evaluating strategies that increase and deepen the engagement with sustainability among students and other stakeholders. Our collective findings will inform the design of a national program.

The pilot also links with WWF’s Living Planet @ Work program, founded by HP, which offers the opportunity for graduates to continue to foster their commitment to sustainability as they enter their professional lives.